Whether you are simply suffering from stress, or you have deeper issues you want to address we have providers who can help. Services we suggest include:

Counseling : Often we find ourselves stuck in negative patterns, knowing that we aren't happy, but not knowing how to move through these experiences. Therapy can be a wonderful tool to support us through those difficult times in our lives. Counseling provides an opportunity to talk about our thoughts, emotions and experiences in a way that is different then talking with our friends and family members. It is a non-judgmental space for self exploration, learning, and undertaking important changes in our lives as we heal our pasts and manage difficult experiences in the present. Learn more --}

Acupuncture : In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture we believe that our physical health is often connected with our mental emotional health.  For example, muscle tension and headaches are often accompanied with stress or anxiety.  And chronic emotional stress can cause digestive or reproductive systems to not function at their best.  Acupuncture provides pain relief and promotes clear energy (Qi) and blood flow through our body's meridians to achieve whole body balance. Learn more --}

Massage Therapy : Therapeutic massage addresses superficial and deep muscle layers with a variety of techniques that involve kneading and stretching. The many benefits of massage include bolstered immune system, stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, and reduced stress and anxiety. Learn more --}

Our Practitioners who offer these services