Physical therapy is all about movement. Whether you want to get back to sports and fitness or just be more comfortable with regular daily activities, physical therapy can help.

Our physical therapist has specialized training and certification in a popular biomechanical retraining technique called Postural Restoration, also known as PRI. This technique, which is used by many professional athletes, including the Portland Trailblazers and members of the Portland Timbers, has a reputation for delivering rapid and long-lasting results. Best of all, you will learn how to treat your own symptoms.

Have your ever suspected that your posture was contributing to your pain and movement limitations? Whether you suffer from chronic pain and discomfort or you’ve sustained a new injury, you are correct. The bad news is that the posture we all naturally gravitate toward is causing us pain. The good news is: it’s not what you think it is, it’s not your fault, and it can be retrained pretty quickly.

Even if you have tried PT in the past and it has not helped, there is still hope. Postural Restoration is different.

Physical therapy is covered benefit under most health insurance plans, and our therapist is in most major health insurance networks.* Oregon law allows direct access to physical therapy. In most cases you won’t even need a referral, unless specifically required by your insurance policy or in the case of an auto accident.

Call today to schedule an appointment and learn how to take control of your symptoms.

*Kaiser, Providence and Legacy do not contract with independent physical therapy providers. Please check the provider's profile page, or contact your insurance company directly for more information.

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